Mission Statement

We have a unique track record in medium-sized incineration plant for industrial waste, but how did we manage?

The simple answer is: focus one single activity and get better at it.

We see it as our mission to come up with original, affordable designs that deal with the concerns that exist around our type of product. Our competitive advantage is that we succeed to implementing those designs across our entire range of plant sizes, from the smallest (0,3T/h) to medium-large (5T/h).

We believe that the present Incineration Directives under EC (or EPA) have been developed based on the scientific and technical solutions offered against the environmental and scientific concerns about incineration.

In short, we think that the Directive EC/2000/76:

and the document on Best available techniques on waste incineration (BREF WI), http://eippcb.jrc.ec.europa.eu/reference/BREF/wi_bref_0806.pdf

Cover all the concerns about incineration, integrated in the law texts, and the technical responses available in the BREF.It is clear that our designs comply with all obligations and recommendations covered in these documents. It is perfectly possible to comply with all these laws at a reasonable cost, but it surely takes some ‘out of the box thinking’. It is proven and scientifically accepted that plant, complying with these Directives and BREF, do not present a measurable environmental or health risk.

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