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BIC Group is in the business of designing and supplying incineration and waste-to-energy systems for industrial waste streams.

This kind of plant thermally oxidizes non-recyclable, hazardous waste streams and turns them into a wide variety of energy carries such as water, steam, thermal fluid or electric power or any combination of these. This way our plant become a source of sustainable energy.

Jean Vandewalle, a Chemical Engineer founded the first corporation of the present BIC Group in Belgium in 1972. The initial systems were Moving Grate Incinerators for municipal waste and…

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  • Waste to Energy

    BIC Group plant thermally treat non-recyclable waste streams and convert generated thermal energy into usable energy carriers

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  • Manufacturing

    We outsource steel fabrication to carefully selected workshops, as close as posible to the construction site.

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  • Automation

    BIC Group plant feature the latest in industrial automation by PLC/PC so that the plant can be run with a minimum of human intervention and maximum control, monitoring and logging.

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  • Plants & References

    BIC group has designed and supplied variants of thermal treatment plant for very specific applications.

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