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BIC Group is in the business of designing and supplying incineration and waste-to-energy systems for industrial waste streams.

This kind of plant thermally oxidizes non-recyclable, hazardous waste streams and turns them into a wide variety of energy carries such as water, steam, thermal fluid or electric power or any combination of these. This way our plant become a source of sustainable energy.

Jean Vandewalle, a Chemical Engineer founded the first corporation of the present BIC Group in Belgium in 1972. The initial systems were Moving Grate Incinerators for municipal waste and Rotary Kiln Systems for silver recovery. With the various industrial developments and more stringent environmental regulations in Europe, the need for thermal solution for hazardous waste and medical waste grew.

In 1995, Jean’s son, Tom Vandewalle joined the business after graduating as a master in Chemical process engineering and Business economics. He aquired 40% of the shares, to become a true co-owner of BIC Group.

In 1997, BIC Group startes a waste managment business in Mouscron, Belgium, to handle hazardous and medical waste disposal. The company operated a 10 TPD incinerator for about 10 years, before exiting the waste management business in 2006. This episode gave us a unique blend of Engineering- and operational background.

BIC decided to focus on the design and engineering of incineration systems which are environmentally-friendly, emission-compliant and cost-effective to own and to operate.

We have an unique selling point, which is our counter-current rotary kiln design.

Demand for such environmentally compliant waste-to-energy systems eventually grew worldwide and BIC expanded Asia. In 1999, BIC won the first contract to supply an incineration plant in Singapore.

From that time, BIC has set up a number of incineration systems in Singapore, with our customers being those in the Hazardous Waste, Medical Waste, Industrial, Pharmaceutical businesses.
BIC Systems Asia Pacific Pte Ltd was set up in 2000 as the Regional Marketing Office and Customer Service Centre for BIC Groupcustomers in the Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern regions, until it became an independant corporation under the BIC Group in 2003.

The last few years, BIC Group has won a series of contracts spread over eastern Europe, the middle east and Asia.
We notice a consistent growth of the size of the plant we supply, due to economy of scale pushed by growing fixed costs due to increasing environmental requirements, so that our latest projects are all-in the range of 2,5 – 5,0 tonnes/hour capacity (rotary kilns)

We make sure to stay ahead of competition by innovation.

Our unique sellig points are mainly :

  • Uncompared singular focus on rotary kiln waste-to-energy plant
  • Unique blend of engineering – and operational experience
  • Relatively small but very hands-on team with multi-tasking directors
  • Track record second to none

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