At BIC Group, we pride ourselves on implementing cutting-edge industrial automation technologies to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Our state-of-the-art plant features the latest in PLC/PC automation, ensuring minimal human intervention while maximizing control, monitoring, and logging capabilities.

Key Features of Our Automation System:

  • PLC/PC Integration
    Our plant utilizes a combination of PLCs and PCs to execute control tasks in real-time and handle advanced data processing and analysis.

  • TCP/IP Field Network
    With a TCP/IP field network, our systems communicate seamlessly, ensuring easy integration with all auxiliary systems.

  • Remote Diagnostics & Support
    During the warranty period, we offer remote access through our dedicated server for operational diagnostics and support, ensuring swift response times and minimal downtime.

  • Redundant Control PCs
    A system using twinned control PCs, one in the field and the other in the control room, ensure continuous operation of our plant. This setup also allows for different levels of access to the operations, control systems and data.

  • Scalability
    Using a distributed network approach makes our entire automation system highly scalable and flexible.

  • Simulation Software for Training
    BIC has developed simulation software to provide comprehensive training for the operation team. This software enables hands-on training for plant operation, maintenance, and response to scenarios like alarms and emergencies. This offers invaluable insights typically gained only through experience.

At BIC Group, we commit to leveraging advanced automation solutions to optimize efficiency, reliability, and safety across our operations.

BIC installed a new state-of-the-art medical waste management facility at Medivest Sdn Bhd in Melaka, Malaysia, which won the ESG Tech award in the Environmental Services category.