Energy Recovery Solutions

1. Boiler with Steam Turbine
Industrial Boiler

Utilizing a combination of boilers and steam turbines, we harness the energy generated from waste combustion to produce steam. This steam drives turbines, generating electricity or mechanical power. Our integrated systems ensure optimal efficiency and maximize energy recovery from various waste streams, contributing to sustainable power generation.

2. Boiler with Autoclave

This configuration is recommended for smaller sized facilities where it is not economically feasible to produce electricity using turbines. Autoclaves utilize the steam from boilers to sterilize recyclable waste streams. This facilitates the treatment of an additional waste stream in the same facility while also providing the economic benefits by monetizing recovered materials. This solution is particularly suitable for processing medical facilities. 

3. Heat Exchanger with Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)
ORC Turbine

We employ heat exchangers in conjunction with Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems to extract thermal energy from waste heat sources. The heat exchangers transfer heat to a working fluid within the ORC system, which expands to drive turbines and generate electricity. This technology enables efficient utilization of low-grade heat from waste processes, enhancing overall energy recovery and sustainability.

4. Heat Exchanger with Absorption Chiller

Innovatively coupling heat exchangers with absorption chillers allows us to leverage waste heat for cooling applications. Absorption chillers operate by utilizing the heat recovered from waste processes. This produce chilled water for air conditioning or industrial cooling purposes. This integrated solution optimizes energy efficiency and reduces reliance on conventional cooling systems, promoting environmental conservation.

Absorption Chiller

At BIC Group, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge waste-to-energy solutions that drive sustainable development, mitigate environmental impact, and support the transition towards a circular economy. Contact us today to explore how our solutions can address your waste management and energy needs effectively.