Design & Manufacturing

From Engineering…

The plant design process begins with comprehensive engineering, where our team creates 3D models of the facility’s components. These models are used to generate manufacturing drawings. We provide clients with 3D layout proposals along with our offers, giving them maximum insight and flexibility during negotiations to optimize the layout to their needs.

…to Manufacturing

For steel fabrication, we partner with carefully selected workshops chosen based on their quality, capabilities, availability, and cost-effectiveness. These workshops are ideally located as close as possible to the construction site, reducing shipment complexities and ensuring local support for after-sales service.

…and to Site Works

The same principles applied to manufacturing extend to site works, including assembly, mechanical, electrical, and piping installations. We collaborate with established local contractors, closely supervised by our specialized staff, to ensure efficient project execution and ongoing local support for the client. This approach guarantees that clients have access to knowledgeable contractors for any required assistance or maintenance.

At BIC Group, our commitment to excellence extends throughout the entire design, manufacturing, and site works process, ensuring that our clients receive high-quality, tailored solutions backed by reliable local support.